Brimley Climbing Charity Challenge Master
Team “I Will” is a community that aims to support its members in achieving their goals, whether it’s a mental or physical goal.
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Howdy fellow bikers, what a summer so far! COVID-19 has changed all our initial summer plans and events but we sure are happy we had our bikes as companions throughout this challenging time. Whether you are a seasoned biker or just started cycling this summer, we all love to go outside, explore, and stay healthy and fit. With the summer coming to an end we want to give you one more opportunity to put your well-built strength to the test and do some good at the same time.

For the event, we are planning to climb Brimley aka the Scarborough Bluffs climb, not just for fun, but also to raise money for Toronto Rehab Foundation. Here is how it will work:

The Challenge:

  • Find some people who want to sponsor you for every time you successfully go up the hill. This will hopefully give you some extra motivation to make it up the hill that one extra time.
  • Climb Brimley as many times as possible during one ride. (with a maximum of 10, see rules)
  • Afterwards ask your sponsors to donate to the Toronto Rehab Foundation https://teamiwill.ca/donate/  Example: – Your neighbour chips in 5 dollars per successful climb, you make it up 3 times, your neighbour has to donate 15 dollars to Toronto Rehab Foundation.
  • You make it up 6 times, 30 bucks. Sounds fun? 🙂

The Climb

Meet Brimley… aka the Scarborough Bluffs climb, 1.3km long, an elevation difference of about 90 meters, with steep parts up to 16%.

The Rules: 

  • In order for people to feel confident sponsoring you per climb without the risk of you completely emptying their pockets, the maximum number of climbs that will count are 10. (totals 25km of riding half of it climbing, half descending) 
  • The time to complete this activity will be during the last weekend of September (Friday, September 25th until Sunday, September 27th). Ride it on your own or in small groups COVID-19 regulations are still in place. 
  • If it isn’t recorded on Strava, it didn’t happen! Strava is a free platform, easy to use, where you can track various sports activities. Sign up here, so we know who will be participating and afterward verify how many times you made it up!
  • Obey the rules. This is a “virtual event”. The road is open for traffic, COVID-19 restrictions are still in place when it comes to the size of groups and above all we want you to be safe and don’t push yourself too far. This is not a race, this is a charity challenge, safety comes first, fun comes next. 

The Rewards: 

  • First and foremost the biggest reward will be the money you  raise for the Toronto Rehab Foundation. Please let us know how much you raise and  have people donate their money here: https://teamiwill.ca/donate/
  • And then for the diehards, if you make it up 10 times (which we expect will only be done by the seasoned riders) you will actually complete the 10x Brimley segment https://www.strava.com/segments/5136923 which will give you some proper bragging rights. 
  • We are working on some additional rewards which we will communicate shorty

Up for the challenge or know somebody that would be? Sign up for the event on Strava or send an email to info@teamiwill.ca