Team “I Will” is a community that aims to support its members in achieving their goals, whether it’s a mental or physical goal.
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Turning tragedy into one of Toronto’s fastest-growing charities

After an accident, doctors gave Robert MacDonald a 5% chance of ever walking again. The UHN Foundation helped give MacDonald a second chance. Two years later, he completed a half marathon and three years later he completed his first full marathon.

During his rehab, the words “I WILL” helped MacDonald focus on achieving his goals. After completing his first marathon, he wanted to give back, and taking that same “I Will” mentality, Team “ I WILL” was born.

FAST FORWARD TO 2021 and we are well on our way to becoming Toronto’s fastest-growing charity. And in just five years we have accomplished our original fundraising goal of $500,000. Now aims to reach $1 Million in support of our sole beneficiary, the UHN Foundation.

“Team “I WILL” wasn’t something planned. It simply began to take on a life of its own. Today it is one of Toronto’s fastest growing charities.”

 – Robert MacDonald, Founder


Founded in 2015, Team “I WILL” is a community of inspirational people who have come together to break barriers, provide support through motivation and raise funds for the UHN Foundation, the largest rehabilitation hospital in Canada.

Funds raised through flagship events like gala, Boot Camp, and the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon help those in need of motivation and assistance through their recovery.

Team “I WILL” recently surpassed their fundraising goal of $500K and is currently focused on its goal of $1 Million.

Whether it’s a mental or physical feat, team members encourage and inspire each other to push past hindrance and overcome obstacles.

While COVID-19 has changed everyone’s plans, including our own, we continue to keep our focus on the patients of UHN Foundation’s and doing what we can to support them. This may look slightly different considering the current global situation but we have the “I WILL” mentality, meaning that we will always find a way to adjust, adapt and accomplish.

Our Values:






Team “I WILL” brings the reward of knowing that you are helping others who have been given a second chance, through the UHN Foundation.


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